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Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

and a homage to the things I like

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You may or may not be aware that livejournal is home to its very own social clique. They are suicide bloggers, and come in two major strains: those that bitch and moan that they want to kill themselves (but have been a member since '02 and have posted twice a week ever since...); and those who are so annoying that they make anyone who reads their posts want to kill themselves. Frequently this latter classification cannot spell, pretend to be really happy all the time, and try to convince [the internet] that their life is awesome by regailing what they obviously beleive to be fascinating tales of themselves and their awesome friends getting into various forms of fashion emergency at the local mall. They post pictures and talk about how much they 'luv tori coz she'z so kul me an her r lik sisterz lol!!!', and have a growing presence on xanga.

As for the former faction, well they keep themselves to themselves, I suppose... They have their tight nit communities where they discuss various ways of dispensing with themselves to teach their shallow loser friends who think they know them a lesson they'll never forget. And you see them during the day hanging around in car parks wondering if the scag fiends across the way are happier than them, and drinking cheap cider and trying to get off with each other and phoning me up to try to get me to link them some weed ("fuck off!"). And they hate the popular crowd at school, which is fine by me. But they're still just the same kinda wannabe losers, except they *want* to be suicidally depressed rather than universally feared/loved.

Yeah... word...